Licence & Image Information

Royalty Free Image (RF)

All images remain copyright / Martin Chambers. Upon purchase of an image, a Royalty Free Image Licence (RF) will be granted to the purchaser. This RF licence enables the purchaser unlimited non-exclusive use of the image for personal use, including in commercial applications (either online or for Individual once off print) without paying additional fees. Multiple print applications require additional fees. Please contact TasmanianPhotos for further information. The purchaser is not to pass off the image as their own work.

The image is not to be shared (including on Social Media Channels) or used by other people, as a new licence will be required. Once purchased the image (or variants of it) will not be made available for download or resale by the purchaser. The image always remains copyright / Martin Chambers.

Digital Downloads

Images are supplied in JPEG format and can be purchased in the follow sizes:

  • HiRes Image (4:3) - Suitable to print Large Posters and Wall Hanging Pictures.
  • Postcard / Photo Image (3:2) - Suitable image for a Postcard or 6 x 4 Photo.
  • Print Image (4:3) - Suitable for Small Print & Web Applications.
  • Wallpaper Image (16:9) - Suitable for use as a Wallpaper image on Laptops, Computers or Widescreeen TV's.
  • Web Ready Image (4:3) -Suitable for Web Applications.


Bundles of photos (digital download) are also available as:

  • Postcard / Photo 5 Pack (3:2) -5 images prepared in the 3:2 ratio to use as images for your own Postcards or 6 x 4 Prints. Each image is appropimately 1Mb in size.
  • Wallpaper 5 Pack (16:9) - 5 images prepared in the 16:9 ratio to use as Wallpapers on your PC. Each image is appropimately 1Mb in size.

To purchase a package of images, press the Add Package button from the Tasmanian Photos homepage, and then continue on to select the photos you wish to include in your package. These images will be added one by one and the bundle is then available to purchase through the cart.

Master Images

High Definition TIFF files (Size > 50 Mb) may be purchased on request. These images are suitable for very large print purposes such as banners or larger pictures. These files have been developed from the original RAW files.

Please email for more information regarding the purchase of these files.

For any licensing questions, please email

Thank you,

Binalong Bay, Tasmania, Australia
Binalong Bay, Tasmania, Australia

Royalty Free Images of Tasmania.
All sizes for any use.

免版税库存图片塔斯马尼亚岛。 任何用途的所有大小。

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