Marion Bay

Marion Bay is a locality in Tasmania, Australia.

Best Time for Photography

  • The winter months: June, July, August (morning) and Summer Months (December, January, February) in the evening
  • Morning time provides stunning sunrises. Check local sunrise times

Types of Photography

  • Astrophotography, Flower Photography, Landscape Photography, Nature Photography, Macro Photography, Sunrise Photography

Photography Tips

  • Sweeping views of the beach and ocean. Ideal for landscapes
  • Sunrises can be spectacular. Wide lens and flash for foreground can help
  • Short walk from carpark to beach, so heavy gear all ok
  • Plenty of birdlife in the area, so fast shutter speeds can help capture the motion

Local Attractions & Produce

  • Close to Bream Creek. A local market and the outstanding Van Bone restaurant

Marion Bay Images & Photos

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